Getting Real

So its less than a week until I will start teaching. Tuesday will be my first day as a paid teacher, and on Thursday I will get to meet one of my classes for the first time (the other on Friday). I am beyond excited that this day is finally here. I have been looking forward to it for four years, four years!

Yesterday my co-teacher S and I set up our classroom for the year that is to come. We placed tables, chairs, carpets and bookshelves and yet the classroom still felt pretty empty once we were done. I know that part of the reason I am so excited for Thursday is because with the addition of children, our space will begin to come alive.

After spending the last few placements in a primary setting it seems so strange to me to not have an step by step plans or lessons written on paper but I also appreciate that the planning will come as we get to know the children and discover what interests them.

I haven’t taken any photos of our space yet but I think once we begin to see the play happening I might have more visual examples to share of what learning looks like in my classroom.

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some inspiration

this morning my cousin posted a great music video on facebook that has stayed with me throughout the day and the more I think about, the more this song seems to relate to my (hopeful) future.

this is the video

express yourself. good advice

I think expressing yourself is sort of the heart of early childhood education. We want our students to express themselves through play, through exploration, through creativity. The list could go on and on.

Beyond the students, we also need educators who are willing to advocate for best practice in their classrooms and we will provide an environment and experiences that allow children to learn through the medium of play.

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one blog or two?

So I am slightly conflicted about whether I should just keep one blog and post about all of my interests (teaching / sewing / cooking / other interesting stuff) in one place or whether it would be a better idea to have a few different blogs and keep these areas separate. I figure in the long run it would be better to have two blogs one for the classroom/ teaching ideas and one for my personal interests that would not necessarily appeal to fellow educators. However seeing as I don’t really have a readership as such thus far I think for now I will just stick to posting everything on this blog. Perhaps once the school year starts and I have more teaching related posts to share I will create a separate blog for the other stuff.

anyway … real reason for this post is to show off my first sewing creation of 2013 a sweet apron I made for my friend E’s birthday. I didn’t really use a pattern as such for this apron but rather just cut a rough shape from a previously made one and winged it with the lengths of the straps. I am pretty proud of my efforts however because just by chance the pattern on the pocket lines up nicely with the body piece and also my friend was pretty happy to receive it and its nice sewing for a purpose.


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My 2013 mantra


All around the blog world I have been seeing people posting their one word to live by for 2013 and I thought I would like to get involved in this trend. At first I thought the word I would select would be relax, as in, don’t stress about every little problem that the world throws my way but…… then I thought of a better word. A word that would inspire and encourage me as I journey into my first ever full time professional position as a teacher.

so the word I have selected for 2013 is actually …….


I want to be confident in communicating with my students, their parents and my fellow educators
I want to have faith in my ability to do a good job every day in my classroom
I want to be confident when meeting new and unfamiliar colleagues and to speak when appropriate at team meeting throughout the year.
I want to continue writing this blog and connecting with other like minded bloggers around the world

but beyond work I also want to be confident and fearless when it comes to trying new experiences, visiting new places and maybe even sewing some clothes for myself! To achieve this I want to create a bucket list and record my progress on this blog (or possibly in another non classroom blog haha)

so to cap this post off I thought I would put down some of my current goals for 2013.
-Get to know the families of all the children in my class
-Meet at least 2 new colleagues at each staff meeting
-Try and sew at least one thing each month
-Try and visit one new place (park/ restaurant/ holiday destination/ market) each month

(image within this post taken from google)

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stranger no danger


On Saturday this little doggie found his way in to my work. He is a sweet boy who goes by the name of Patches (I think) and unfortunately he got separated from his human. I have been looking after him for the past few days in the hopes that his owner would return but sadly no luck. Tomorrow I will have to take him to the shelter and find out if he has a micro chip/ has been reported missing. He has been a really good boy for me but I have grown quite attached to him. I thought I would make this post about him to remind myself that not all strangers are dangerous and sometimes strangers have a way of brightening our worlds that is different but still as special as the people (or pets) that we love. I hope that little Patches can bring some Christmas cheer back to his owner in the morning.

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Enjoying the holidays

Ever since I found out where I will be teaching next year I have had ants in my pants to get started on planning and preparing for next year. The problem with this is however, is my fellow teachers do not yet have time to plan for next year because they are too busy finishing up for this year. Whilst it has been really hard to not plan/prepare I think in some ways it is good because it is teaching me a lesson in patience.

Now that I have seen the kinder and met my fellow teachers it is very tempting to just jump right in and start planning however I think there is still a part of me that wants to wait until I meet the children before any real planning begins.

In the meantime however I might just have to start making some new resources for the classroom and oh shopping for a new school friendly wardrobe might be a fun way to kill time too

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A visit to my kinder

This morning I went to visit my new kindergarten for the first time. I was surprised by how big the rooms felt with floor to ceiling windows and very high roofs. The rooms were also quite pleasing to look at because they were filled with natural wood furniture and nice big low tables for the children to work at. My room will be room one (hence the blog title) and I will be sharing the space with two beautiful groups of children and two co-teachers. I also discovered this week that the outside space will be expanded with the fence dividing each room being removed, this will leave us with a larger space for the children to play and mix with the other groups.


Whilst I was there I also got a chance to see how my fellow teachers do their documentation and it was nice to see a variety of ways to do this. One of the teachers types up their observations on the days play into a ring binder and makes notes about what to change/ how/ why and links to learning stories – I found this method of observation to be quite aesthetically pleasing however i am not sure if it would be as accessible to parents as the second method.


The second teacher uses an A3 display folder to record observations and uses sticky notes and photographs to reflect their learning. She also has a small key of the VEYLDF on each page and uses colour to connect her observations to different areas of the framework. I like both methods and I think both would be good ways to record the learning in the classroom however I don’t know exactly what my plans will look like until I start working.


Another interesting thing about today’s visit is that I got to meet one of the children who will be attending kinder next year and his parents. I don’t know if he will be in my group but I think I surprised myself with how confidant I did feel speaking to them. That is one of the scariest parts about this journey for me, answering the questions of the parents. I don’t want to give the wrong answer but I don’t know all the right ones yet to I think I will definitely have to watch my fellow teachers closely so get it right next year.


Friday is the clean up day at the kinder for 2012 and i am planning to go back in there and pick up the keys and maybe even help to sort out my very first classroom!

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