Why kinder matters


Every day at work is different for me, but luckily they all have something in common. Learning.

It might not be obvious to the untrained eye what my children are learning, but I know. I see them playing but I can also see their mind ticking away, discovering things and really making connections between what they know now and what they will know in the future.

I see my students making building with the blocks and I know they are learning about gravity and stability. It doesn’t take them log to realise that a stable base creates a stable tower.

I see them pouring over a book, pointing to the pictures and telling their own story or sometimes reciting the text which is familiar to them.

I see my students dealing with friendship conflicts, hardships for a four year old, but I don’t step in because I know that by standing back I am helping them to learn empathy, resilience, to develop confidence and to stick up for themselves.

I see my students creating, painting, drawing and I know that they are developing fine motor skills that will allow them to hold a pencil and to write when they are older.

To some people it looks like my children are just playing, but I know better. I know that by playing they are also learning and preparing themselves for their whole school career. For most kindergarten is like the gateway to lifelong learning and I want them to run through it a full speed because they know how much fun learning can really be!



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