VEYF K-2 conference


ImageLast year I was fortunate to be selected for a mentoring program run by a high quality early childhood training organization that is well known across Australia. Now the program is coming to a close however today we were given the opportunity to attend a conference on early years learning. let me just start by saying it was FANTASTIC! I love PD as a way to get the thinking box flowing.

I have alot to say about this conference that may or may not get published but right now I am thinking about one thing that really stuck with me from today’s program.

what does intentional teaching in early childhood look like?

Does it have a place in our classroom?

do you use intention in your program?

Well when I thought about these questions to be honest I came up a little bit short. Yes I do use intentional teaching in my program sometimes but i don’t know that I have really given it a huge focus. Certainly not in my planning, instead of using my curriculum as a jumping board, I have been using it as a shortcut, and when I really think about it i’m not so sure that i am okay with that. So I think on Monday I might go into work a little bit more enlightened and a little bit wiser about what my planning is really for.

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