one blog or two?

So I am slightly conflicted about whether I should just keep one blog and post about all of my interests (teaching / sewing / cooking / other interesting stuff) in one place or whether it would be a better idea to have a few different blogs and keep these areas separate. I figure in the long run it would be better to have two blogs one for the classroom/ teaching ideas and one for my personal interests that would not necessarily appeal to fellow educators. However seeing as I don’t really have a readership as such thus far I think for now I will just stick to posting everything on this blog. Perhaps once the school year starts and I have more teaching related posts to share I will create a separate blog for the other stuff.

anyway … real reason for this post is to show off my first sewing creation of 2013 a sweet apron I made for my friend E’s birthday. I didn’t really use a pattern as such for this apron but rather just cut a rough shape from a previously made one and winged it with the lengths of the straps. I am pretty proud of my efforts however because just by chance the pattern on the pocket lines up nicely with the body piece and also my friend was pretty happy to receive it and its nice sewing for a purpose.


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