My 2013 mantra


All around the blog world I have been seeing people posting their one word to live by for 2013 and I thought I would like to get involved in this trend. At first I thought the word I would select would be relax, as in, don’t stress about every little problem that the world throws my way but…… then I thought of a better word. A word that would inspire and encourage me as I journey into my first ever full time professional position as a teacher.

so the word I have selected for 2013 is actually …….


I want to be confident in communicating with my students, their parents and my fellow educators
I want to have faith in my ability to do a good job every day in my classroom
I want to be confident when meeting new and unfamiliar colleagues and to speak when appropriate at team meeting throughout the year.
I want to continue writing this blog and connecting with other like minded bloggers around the world

but beyond work I also want to be confident and fearless when it comes to trying new experiences, visiting new places and maybe even sewing some clothes for myself! To achieve this I want to create a bucket list and record my progress on this blog (or possibly in another non classroom blog haha)

so to cap this post off I thought I would put down some of my current goals for 2013.
-Get to know the families of all the children in my class
-Meet at least 2 new colleagues at each staff meeting
-Try and sew at least one thing each month
-Try and visit one new place (park/ restaurant/ holiday destination/ market) each month

(image within this post taken from google)

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