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stranger no danger

  On Saturday this little doggie found his way in to my work. He is a sweet boy who goes by the name of Patches (I think) and unfortunately he got separated from his human. I have been looking after … Continue reading

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Enjoying the holidays

Ever since I found out where I will be teaching next year I have had ants in my pants to get started on planning and preparing for next year. The problem with this is however, is my fellow teachers do … Continue reading

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A visit to my kinder

This morning I went to visit my new kindergarten for the first time. I was surprised by how big the rooms felt with floor to ceiling windows and very high roofs. The rooms were also quite pleasing to look at … Continue reading

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originally posted: 15.12.12 I am truly heartbroken about the event that occurred in Newtown on Friday morning. I don’t think there’s even words to describe what those poor children and teachers had to endure on that day. Now there is … Continue reading

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Update time

originally posted 13.12.12 So it has been quite a while since I posted on this blog but I thought I should share the exciting news I have received since last posting. Today I found out that I officially passed all … Continue reading

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originally posted: 3.10.12 So some serious time has passed since my last post on this blog and in that time I have had the opportunity to grow and develop a lot as a teacher. In the past few months I … Continue reading

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Any Question

originally posted: 30.05.12 If I had the opportunity to ask all the teachers (and prospective teachers) I know one question it would be “what does creativity mean to you?” Last year I had a class on creativity and imagination in … Continue reading

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