Why kinder matters


Every day at work is different for me, but luckily they all have something in common. Learning.

It might not be obvious to the untrained eye what my children are learning, but I know. I see them playing but I can also see their mind ticking away, discovering things and really making connections between what they know now and what they will know in the future.

I see my students making building with the blocks and I know they are learning about gravity and stability. It doesn’t take them log to realise that a stable base creates a stable tower.

I see them pouring over a book, pointing to the pictures and telling their own story or sometimes reciting the text which is familiar to them.

I see my students dealing with friendship conflicts, hardships for a four year old, but I don’t step in because I know that by standing back I am helping them to learn empathy, resilience, to develop confidence and to stick up for themselves.

I see my students creating, painting, drawing and I know that they are developing fine motor skills that will allow them to hold a pencil and to write when they are older.

To some people it looks like my children are just playing, but I know better. I know that by playing they are also learning and preparing themselves for their whole school career. For most kindergarten is like the gateway to lifelong learning and I want them to run through it a full speed because they know how much fun learning can really be!



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holiday time

So it is currently the middle of the second week of my fist school holidays as a teacher. I have been trying really hard to make the most of this time by relaxing and trying not to think about work, however I find that no matter what i’m up to work tends to remain there. A constant thought for consideration and reflection.

I am both excited and depressed about returning to work on Monday. On one hand I am sooooo excited to see my students again and get back to planning, preparing and teaching each day. On the other hand I am very much enjoying this break as a chance to recharge my batteries and to think about things beyond what happens at work.

My main goal for term two as a teacher will be to add some creativity into the classroom and to encourage my students to explore new materials beyond what they were using in term one.

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VEYF K-2 conference


ImageLast year I was fortunate to be selected for a mentoring program run by a high quality early childhood training organization that is well known across Australia. Now the program is coming to a close however today we were given the opportunity to attend a conference on early years learning. let me just start by saying it was FANTASTIC! I love PD as a way to get the thinking box flowing.

I have alot to say about this conference that may or may not get published but right now I am thinking about one thing that really stuck with me from today’s program.

what does intentional teaching in early childhood look like?

Does it have a place in our classroom?

do you use intention in your program?

Well when I thought about these questions to be honest I came up a little bit short. Yes I do use intentional teaching in my program sometimes but i don’t know that I have really given it a huge focus. Certainly not in my planning, instead of using my curriculum as a jumping board, I have been using it as a shortcut, and when I really think about it i’m not so sure that i am okay with that. So I think on Monday I might go into work a little bit more enlightened and a little bit wiser about what my planning is really for.

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Harmony day 2013


This week at kindergarten we celebrated harmony day. A day to come together as a community and celebrate the cultural diversity that exists amongst our kinder children and their families. To celebrate we invited all of the families to come in and bring a plate of food from their culture to share with the children and the other families. Most of the families chose to participate and I was so humbled by the response of some families who were so excited and grateful that we wanted to learn about their culture in the first place.

In my group their are children from many different backgrounds we have African, Indian, Asian, Maltese, Australian, Greek and other cultural backgrounds and it was fantastic for the children to learn about these different elements of their classmates identities. 

I think that for me, celebrating harmony day together as a group is equally as important as other western holidays such as Easter or Christmas because it is a day for everyone regardless of their culture or religion to celebrate together. I loved my first harmony days as a teacher and I really am looking forward to doing it all again next year and foe many years into the future.

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Okay so pretty sure its time to fess up. I haven’t posted because I have been to busy reading other peoples blogs and collecting a million ideas about early childhood activities. I have LOVED my first 6 weeks as a teacher and I think in that time I have already learnt alot about myself as an educator. I have survived my first cold without having to take any time off work and I am looking forward to finishing out term one with an exciting easter egg hunt on the last day of term. 🙂

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three days in

so term has finally begun and I am happy to say that I have met almost all of my new students and I have now got some sense of what this teaching game is all about. The most significant thing I have discovered so far is that there is so much I still have to learn!

sometimes the theories and practices don’t exactly mesh and even three days into working with children I have come across challenges that I think I probably could have dealt with in a better way if I had of though before I acted.

Today I was talking through a problem with a child and the child became extremely frustrated and angry with what I was asking them to do. In reflection I think if I had of asked questions rather than simply saying no perhaps it would have lead to a better outcome for both of us. The good thing about being a new teacher is that every day I get to make these sorts of discoveries and improve my practice as an educator

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